Recall It! for iPhone

Tag your notes.  Tag your photos.  Tag your thoughts.  Tag your life.

Tired of not being able to find the note you need when you need it? Wish you could insert a picture into a note and email it to someone? Want a note-taking app that allows you tag your notes so you can instantly see related notes? Recall It! is the answer you’ve been waiting for. With Recall It!, you can create notes with text ANDpictures, and then you can assign tags to each note so you can recall the notes you need -- WHEN you need them. Want to see those four notes you wrote about the big project that you’ve been working on? Looking for the notes you jotted down about the restaurants you found in Chicago last fall? Recall It! is the solution that lets you organize your notes with the tags you specify and then call them back up when you need them.

With Recall It!, you can insert pictures from your iPhone camera roll, take and insert pictures directly from the application itself, and tag each note with the tags you know you’ll want to search for the note by. 

Happen to see someone reading a book you'd like to read someday?  With Recall It!, you can simply take a snapshot of the cover, type in any details that seem important, and then give it a simple tag like "books".  Next time you're at your local bookseller, go to Recall It! and search for "books", and there it is!

Tired of always adding more business cards to your wallet?  Next time someone hands you one, just use Recall It! to snap a photo of the card.  Tag it with "business cards", type in any details that aren't on the card itself, and then hand it back!

You’ll never be unable to find that note you needed again!

Feature List:
  • Quick note entry... clean and efficient UI that doesn't get in your way!
  • Tagging... quickly and easily view or add tags to notes!
  • Photos... add tags to your photos so you can actually find them later!
  • Landscape mode... hate typing in portrait mode? Edit your notes and tags in portrait or landscape; it's your choice!
  • Searching... quickly find your notes by content or tags!
  • Email... share a note with a friend or colleague, or simply as a reminder to yourself!
  • No Marker Felt... nuff said!

Questions?  Comments?  Feedback?  Just send an email to!